The Police State

Chicago police detained thousands of black Americans at interrogation facility | US news | The Guardian

Special report: Guardian lawsuit reveals overwhelming racial disparity at Homan Square, where detainees are still held for minor crimes with little access to the outside world, despite police denials that site is an anomaly At least 3,500 Americans have been…
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Cop Shoots and Kills Unarmed Teenager During Sting Operation Over a Bag of Marijuana | The Free Thought Project

By Justin Gardner on July 30, 2015Read more at Columbia, SC — The war on nature continues to claim the lives of innocent young people. In Columbia, South Carolina a teenager lost his life Sunday night for the heinous…
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Bill allows government to revoke Americans’ passports without charges or trial – Police State USA

A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would allow the government to restrict Americans’ travel through the revocation of passports based upon mere suspicions of unscrupulous activity. This bill represents another dangerous step forward in the war on…
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