Giant security flaw makes 950 million Android phones vulnerable to texting hack — RT USA

Good luck waiting for Google & Carrier updates | Most Android phones at risk from simple text hack, researcher says— Jason O’Donoghue (@i_Jason) July 27, 2015


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About 80 percent of smartphones worldwide run Android, and just about all of those have a major vulnerability in their software, according to experts at Zimperium, a cybersecurity company specializing in mobile devices.


What makes this problem a gaping security hole is that the victims don’t even need to be tricked into downloading or opening a bad file – attackers only need to send them a text message for the malware to take hold.


This whole Android hack thing makes me glad when I’m using Windows. It’s like I have the Battlestar Galactica & I’m immune to a Cylon virus— Matt (@clappenings) July 27, 2015